How it works

Generation 2.0 Summit is more than just a video, and more than just a live stream too. Like a good live event it integrates content, idea sharing and networking by engaging the audience – you – and keeping you at the centre of the discussion.

It brings all the things you love about a live event to the digital world.

Here is what you get:
- Live content from leading experts
- Interactive panel discussions
- Chat forum to engage with other attendees and speakers
- Live Q&A
- Short sharp blocks of content, with time to stretch and breathe!
- No software download needed
- Re-watch the content at a later date so you don’t miss a thing - every session is also available on-demand, watch what you can live and catch-up on the rest at your convenience

Sometimes the most valuable interaction comes from a shared coffee, or a quick conversation. Throughout the event you will have the opportunity to chat with other participants through a live chat function, giving you the opportunity to network and learn from shared experiences.

In choosing the speakers, topics and themes we spoke with lots of industry professionals just like you to make the sure the content is spot on. In the virtual event, you can dig even deeper by asking your burning questions and rewinding those critical “aha!” moments. This way you won’t miss a thing.

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