Conference Day Two - 17 February

Opening remarks from the chair
Ministerial address

The Hon Lily D’Ambrosio
Minister for Energy, Environment & Climate Change and Minister for Solar Homes
Victorian Government

Finding buyers for renewable energy in Australia and beyond
Exploring the logistics of exporting renewable energy at scale

CWP Renewables is the Australian-based partner in the 26GW Asian Renewable Energy Hub consortium.

  • Choosing the right format for moving energy: cable or shipping ammonia or hydrogen
  • Building the infrastructure for a super large export hub
  • Meeting the Paris Agreement as production is scaled up to 26GW

Andrew Dickson
Development Manager, Asian Renewable Energy Hub
CWP Renewables

Grasping the scope of pivoting to renewable energy from a fossil fuel dominated industry

BP has announced plans to increase low-carbon investment 10-fold and build out a 50GW renewable generating capacity by 2030.

• Transitioning BP into “an integrated energy company”
• Exploring renewable and alternative energies such as offshore wind and hydrogen.
• Providing integrated decarbonized energy solutions and reducing energy use ‎and carbon emissions
• Becoming a net zero company by 2050 or sooner

Lucy Nation
Vice President of Regions, Cities and Solutions, Asia Pacific
BP Australia

The role of corporate PPAs in energy transition

• Market trends for corporate PPAs: the record year for PPAs in 2020
• Prospects for 2021 and role of corporate PPAs
• What buyers are looking for in PPAs - Business Renewables Centre survey

Chris Briggs
Technical Director
Business Renewables Centre Australia

Networking break
Overcoming intermittency - storage as a key to power flexibility
Co-ordinating consumer batteries to create a Virtual Power Plant (VPP)
  • Moving away from traditional one-way power flow to two-way power flow for electricity distribution
  • Monitoring and regulating the movement of power from power sources and storage through to household, businesses and devices
  • Digitising the energy market through IoT and AI technologies
  • Minimising grid problems by smoothing the energy output of intermittent generation

João Segorbe
Executive General Manager, Strategy and Corporate Development
AGL Energy

Unlocking peak capacity through battery storage
  • Providing grid security through the speed and flexibility of batteries
  • Supporting increased penetration of renewables through network services such as fast frequency control
  • Moving beyond FCAS – structuring the market to take advantage of all the services batteries can offer

Louis De Sambucy
Managing Director, Australia

Answering the big questions
PANEL DISCUSSION: How can the nation achieve a reliable energy system with low emissions at the lowest cost?
  • How can Australia capitalise on the market opportunities that align with our world-beating solar, wind and mineral resources?
  • What stands in the way of Australia becoming major energy exporter?
  • How can we overcome barriers to renewable energy acceleration?


Gavin Dufty
Manager Policy and Research
St Vincent de Paul Society Victoria


Ken Baldwin
Director, Energy Change Institute
Australian National University

David Edwards
Digital Strategy & Innovation Manager
Horizon Power

Anthony Callan
Executive Manager Marketing
Delta Electricity

Paul Gleeson
Managing Director, Energy, Resources and Water

Alistair Parker
Executive General Manager – Regulated Energy Services
AusNet Services

Sarah McNamara
Chief Executive
Australian Energy Council

Closing remarks from the Chair
End day two and close of conference